Unshared Excess Coverage for New Jersey School Districts

Unshared Excess Coverage for New Jersey School Districts

Dear New Jersey Public Schools:

Effective immediately, we are pleased to announce a brand new excess coverage available to public school districts in New Jersey. The New Jersey Unshared Excess Program (NJUEP) will provide $30,000,000 of dedicated excess limits for any New Jersey public school district. This is the first excess program of its kind available on a stand alone basis. In addition to unshared limits for all participants in this program, NJUEP will provide employment practices liability coverage up to the total policy limit with no sublimit. Why purchase Excess? No public entity wants a claim that exceeds their available coverage limit. Substantial claim payouts can leave your district without coverage. For a similar premium you can replace your current shared excess policy with dedicated limits and protect your district from a catastrophic loss! Please review the program highlights below:

  • NJUEP can protect your district from a SUBSTANTIAL Claim Payout from lawsuits arising from employer negligence such as a drunken school bus driver, school intruder, terrorism or a lapse in procedural discipline. Protect your district!
  • NJUEP provides up to $30M in UNSHARED catastrophic excess limits ($40M with your $10M underlying coverage)
  • NJUEP allows your district to utilize the entire $30M in coverage even if another district in the program has a claim in that policy year!
  • NJUEP follows form over all New Jersey current carriers/joint insurance funds
  • NJUEP provides excess over General Liability, Automobile Liability, School Board Legal Liability and Employment Practices Liability policies
  • NJUEP’s Employment Practices Liability has no sublimit providing the full $30M in total protection
  • NJUEP policy is underwritten by A rated admitted carriers
  • NJUEP rates are highly competitive
  • NJUEP will work with your current Agent/Broker




NJUEP limits will not decrease per member, regardless of the number of claims the program receives in any given policy year. If your district currently purchases a catastrophic excess policy on a shared basis we encourage you to get a quote through NJUEP. NJUEP will substantially increase your district’s protection with dedicated limits that will apply only to your school districts individual needs and exposures.   For an immediate quote please complete the easy one page application attached or forward this to your current broker. For more information please send inquiries to [email protected] or [email protected] or call us at 201-426-0562.